Roasted Chestnuts 200gr
Cost per piece 4,50 €

Christmas dinner without chestnuts? No way! They are not just a simple snack as most people think. On the contrary, their earthy sense levels up, elevate every food are add to and give a festive pinch to them.

Their sweet, soft and nutty, with delicate flavor and are used in savory and sweet recipes as well. They pair just fine with rice, veggies, fruits, chicken, lamb, mushrooms, spaghetti, potatoes, chocolate.

Chestnuts turn simple recipes into gourmet, but are delightful on their own too. Enjoy them as quick healthy treat.

I support the idea that chestnuts are great ingredient in order to prepare stunning meals: Combine them with fresh or dried fruits and nuts, include them in green salads such us brussels sprouts in stuffed recipes, in soups, pies, marmalades, pilaf, risotto, truffes, pastries. Use them as a topping on pancakes, cakes, tarts, brownies.

Use chestnut puree in sweet desserts like puddings, ice creams, chocolate mouse, sauces for spaghetti, marinades for meat and chicken or just spread them in a slice of bread. Enjoy chestnut puree as it is just by adding a drop of vanilla extract of chocolate drops. 

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