Almond Butter
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Almond butter with a distinctive aroma, without palm oil, without salt, without sugar, without preservatives. Rich aromatic and delicious cream in the form of a thick pulp, which finds uses in both sweet and salty recipes. No other ingredients have been added to the almond butter, it is delicious on its own. The almond butter has emerged after crushing lightly roasted almonds in a strong blender and in this way it has released all its oils and has given it a perfect creamy texture.

Make filling brunches by smearing it on a slice of bread, rice wafers, crepes, Arabic pie with bananas and most of all enjoy it as it is. All nuts creams are favorite ingredients of vegan recipes and not only because of their nutritional value and taste. The only problem we find with almond butter, is that we are able to eat it with a teaspoon at once!

In which recipes is almond butter used?

Use the almond butter to make tofu, smoothie with vegetable milk and oats, milkshakes, chocolates, truffles, fudges, strudel tarts, marinades. Spread it on banana sandwiches, toast, bread, pancakes, Arabic pies, waffles and crepes with honey or jam or tahini. Add it to yogurt, granola, and muesli with fresh or dried seeds and superfoods.

You can make with almond butter:

  • Dip for nachos and french fries.
  • Ice creams.
  • Chocolate pies. cookies, muffins, cakes.
  • Glaze and decorate tarts and cakes.
  • Chocolate cream and fill cookies.
  • Chocolate spreads.
  • Cereal bars, baked goods.
  • Curry paste.
  • Sauce and accompany the falafel and chicken bites.
  • Dressings for vegetable and quinoa salads.

This is to inform you that we are not doctors. What is written above has a simple character and in no way replaces medical application. Always consult your doctor about your health issues.

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