Cost per kilo 40,00 €

Refreshing, delicious drink with dog rose, hibiscus, mango with sugar, sea buckthorn, papaya with sugar, apple, orange, elder, juniper, rose petals, sunflower, calendula, centaurium and aromatic substances. A wonderful drink composition, with fruity, sweet taste, sweet and sour aromas and vivid burgundy-red shades.

We believe that the addition of sugar and other sweeteners to this mixture is unnecessary, because in itself it is sweet, rich, intensely delicious and pleasant. Theine-free drink and gives us the advantage of drinking it either hot or cold at all hours of the day.

How to prepare Caribbean drink

To enjoy a Caribbean drink, it is ideal to preheat the cup that we will use, pouring hot water over it. Then, heat water (95-100 degrees) and fill the cup. Put 1/2 tbsp. tea mixture in the filter or in a tea egg for drinks in the cup with hot water so that it stays in it for 5 minutes. Nevertheless. as much time left in the hot water during the preparation, the more sweet taste, intense aroma and deep color will leave. Try before adding any sweetener.


·        Always use fresh water and not water that has been left in the teapot or kettle for hours.

·        The longer the mixture remains in the hot water, the sweeter and more intense the taste will be.

·        If you wish, after making it, you can place it in the fridge to enjoy it as cold.

This is to inform you that we are not doctors. What is written above has a simple character and in no way replaces medical application. Always consult your doctor about your health issues.