Sesame Oil 207 Ml
Cost per piece 7,70 €

Sesame is a seed with a hard shell, blond - golden in color, with a characteristic taste reminiscent of hazelnuts and we use it in a variety of recipes: in bread products in muesli, yogurt, salads, cereal bars. Its oil is obtained by extracting its seeds.

Sesame oil or sesame oil is very tasty, has a reddish color, fluid delicate texture and mild aroma. Used in the manufacture of handmade cosmetics, in cooking and confectionery. It plays a primary role in Chinese cuisine, like olive oil in Greek. The right (small) amount in the recipes gives a nutty taste to them and an oriental note. It is a durable oil and is used in frying. Combines nicely with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and oyester sauce and we consider it a great match and highlight the white sauces and vegetable marinades.

How to use sesame oil in recipes

Use sesame oil to make spring rolls, fried rice, vegetable and mushroom noodles and tofu recipes. Suitable for risotto, soups, dishes with salmon, mushroom soup, noodles with pork and vegetables, vinaigrette for salads, salads with sprouts, falafel. Make mayonnaise with sesame oil, Chinese poultry recipes, salads with raw vegetables and hummus.

Combine sesame oil with soy sauce to make grilled vegetable marinades e.g. spinach, carrots and mushrooms, meat and fish marinades.