Almond Oil
Cost per piece 5,20 €

Oil 100% from almonds, non-greasy, pure without impurities, odorless, yellow in color, with a fluid and delicate texture, results from the squeezing of the almonds.

We all know that almond oil is used by many people to make handmade cosmetics such as masks, creams, scrubs, body butters, healing ointments. But most of us do not know its uses in cooking. Use it to make all baked goods for example buns, cakes and cookies. To feel its soft and clean taste, it would be ideal to use it just before serving in food that you have already cooked. e.g. gourmet seafood recipes, pasta, salads and soups.

How to use almond oil

Use the almond oil to make salad dressings, pour over it potato salads, pasta, soups, fish and green leafy vegetables, spinach, asparagus, sweet potatoes, avocados and legume salads. Add it to smoothies and use it for frying like pancakes and baking bread as cookies, buns, breadsticks, cakes, muffins, and pancakes. Use almond oil to make a base for marinades for meat.

Some people use whole almond oil in aromatherapy, for make-up removal, for massage but also as a base oil for the preparation of handmade cosmetics and body and hair care products.

This is to inform you that we are not doctors. What is written above has a simple character and in no way replaces medical application. Always consult your doctor about your health issues.