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Bulgur is the seed of many broken grains of wheat. It is foreshadowed, has a yellowish color, chewy texture. It is well known in Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine and is cooked like rice but is more delicious.

Very easy food to use, it is prepared quickly and offers us many gastronomic options: it is eaten either raw or boiled, hot or cold. It is used as a main meal but also in salads and as a breakfast or afternoon snack, it mixes nicely with legumes, cereals, fruits, herbs, it accompanies meat. The coarse groats are used as rice, while the medium and small ones are used in soups and fillings. Popular food with bulgur is the tabouleh, salad with fresh summer vegetables and herbs.

In which recipes is bulgur used

Bulgur is cooked like rice and couscous and is used in soups, salads and pilafs. We make tabouleh, patties and dolmas. Boil bulgur with water, strain it and mix it with boiled or raw vegetables and accompany meat, meat, poultry, burgers, meatballs, seafood, mushrooms and vegan burgers. Mix it with tarhana and accompany veal. Mix grilled vegetables and accompany sweet and sour chicken. Use bulgur to stuff the Christmas turkey. Boil bulgur and lentils and mix with fresh herbs.

Make a breakfast by pouring the milk of your choice into a bowl, soak it in this bulgur and enrich it with nuts, seeds and fruits and you will immediately enjoy a rich and delicious meal that will keep you full for many hours.

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