Breakfast Mix
Cost per kilo 22,08 €

"Breakfast Mix" is a highly nutritious, delicious and light mixture of our mix with nuts and seeds to use in your breakfast with milk or yogurt with honey or to make all kinds of baked goods.

Prepare a delicious, rich meal that will keep you full for many hours. Pour in a deep bowl the milk and cereal of your choice and the "Breakfast Mix". Easy and fast breakfast that everyone can prepare.

Use the "Breakfast Mix" to make a variety of recipes: snacks such as bars, granola, muffins and cookies, mix them with cream cheese, make a dip, add them to yogurt with honey or use them as toppings for sweets, pancakes and ice cream. Also use it on top of all the baked goods such as bread sticks, crackers, cookies, rusks.

What does Breakfast Mix contain?

Breakfast Mix contains pistachios, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sugar-free cranberries, black currants, black sesame seeds, flaxseed.

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