Red Quinoa
Cost per kilo 6,50 €

Red quinoa is a tiny seed with a hard texture, gluten-free. Its taste is relatively neutral and this gives us many easy gastronomic options. Used like couscous and rice. Boil it or soak it, add spices, herbs, vegetables and accompany meat, poultry and fish.

We find it in three different varieties with white, red and black color with the same taste and similar nutritional benefits. We would say that their only difference is their shape after cooking. The red after boiling keeps its shape in contrast to the white which after boiling opens.

What recipes does quinoa fit in and how do we make it?

First we rinse the quinoa very well with plenty of water. Pour a part of quinoa and two parts of water into the pot without covering it and boil it until it absorbs all its water. Transfer to a bowl and let cool.

The choices we have with quinoa are endless: Add vegetables, spices and olive oil and we can either eat it plain or accompany meat, fish, chicken, burgers. Add herbs and spices such as star anise, hot curry or Indian spice mixes. We use it for our breakfast together with cereals seeds, nuts and fruits or we can make bars,

Quinoa gives us amazing choices for salads. Put it in green salads with nuts, in legume salads like chickpeas. and mushrooms. Make a salad with spinach, asparagus with sun-dried tomatoes and capers, make a salad with quinoa and sweets. Boil green beans, peas, corn, carrot and serve with olives. Give a different touch to traditional salads, ie mix quinoa with seasonal vegetables such as lettuce, iceberg, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and sprinkle with dressings. Boil quinoa and mix it with avocado and oranges.

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