Red Wine Spice Mix
Cost per kilo 70,00 €

Festive wine is a wonderful blend of colorful spices and fruits that we combined to make the popular Christmas wine. Soak them in fine wine and, when they warm up, they will emerge and their aromas will create a warm, winter atmosphere at home.

How to prepare hot red wine with spices

How to prepare it? Lightly heat 1 liter of wine in a saucepan. Add 2 tbsp. of spices mix for the festive wine, which will remain in the wine for one hour. Then filtrate it. Before serving, heat it slightly. It is important to serve it in ceramic cups, as the crystals of common wine glasses are not heat resistant.


Try to add more than 2 tbsp. in a liter of wine to make your wine even more aromatic. Decorate the glass with a cinnamon stick, an orange peel or an asteroid anise. Accompany it with cinnamon or ginger cookies. The finest wine we choose, the tastier the result will be.

What does the Red wine spice mixture contain?

The spice mix for mulled wine contains orange slices, pink pepper, cinnamon sticks, cardamom and cloves.

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