Wholemeal Tahini Of Veria 0.75kg
Cost per piece 8,25 €

Tahini is a thick pulp with a golden color and a velvety texture. Its gel, uniform cream, results from the grinding of whole sesame seeds and is used in both confectionery and cooking. It is used as an ointment in various baked goods, it goes well in salads, at breakfast and in the preparation of sweets and snacks and it goes well with legumes. An excellent and popular dish with tahini is the halva that we enjoy at the tables on Clean Monday.

Apart from the fact that it is delicious, by using it we avoid fats such as animal butter and margarine and that is why people consume it on an empty stomach. The best known way to use tahini is to spread it over a slice of bread with honey. Very nutritious and filling breakfast!

In which recipes is tahini used?

  • Make a sauce and pour it over falafel, meatballs with minced meat and vegetables as well as green salads.
  • Make a dip with yogurt, onion, lemon, herbs and spices for vegetable chips and sticks.
  • We spread sandwiches and Arabic pies.
  • We make delicious sauces for grilled and boiled vegetables.
  • We make a nutritious and healthy chocolate spread.
  • Tahini pie and tahini soup.
  • We cook hummus.
  • We make chocolates, cake with orange, cookies with cocoa, brownie with chocolate, truffles with coconut, chocolate bar, strudel.
  • We make halva, apple pie and walnut pie.
  • We make Smoothies, for example, with vegetable milk, oats, bananas, honey and cinnamon.
  • We make cereal bars, for example with oats, chocolate, seeds and nuts.
  • Add tahini to the muesli with milk and cereals.

This is to inform you that we are not doctors. What is written above has a simple character and in no way replaces medical application. Always consult your doctor about your health issues.

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