White Tahini From Unheated Sesame 0.700g
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Tahini: A versatile and nutritious delight

Tahini is a thick paste with a golden color and velvety texture. This smooth and uniform cream is obtained by grinding whole sesame seeds and is used in both confectionery and cooking. It is used as a spread on various bakery products, goes well with salads, breakfast, and the preparation of sweets and snacks, and goes well with legumes. A delicious and popular dish with tahini is halva, which we enjoy on the tables of Clean Monday.

In addition to being delicious, using it avoids fats such as animal butters and margarines, which is why people consume it during fasting. The most famous way to use tahini is to spread it on a slice of bread with honey. A very nutritious and filling snack!

Tahini from unheated hulled sesame has certain advantages over unheated tahini. Unheated sesame retains more nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as it does not undergo heat treatment. Additionally, unheated sesame has a smoother, creamier texture.

Unheated tahini has a stronger flavor and can be used in recipes that call for a more flavorful sesame paste. However, unheated tahini has undergone heat treatment, which can reduce its nutritional content.

In which recipes is tahini used?

  • We make sauces and pour them on falafel, meatballs, vegetables, and green salads.
  • We make a dip with yogurt, onion, lemon, herbs, and spices for chips and vegetable sticks.
  • We spread sandwiches and pita breads.
  • We make delicious sauces for roasted and boiled vegetables.
  • We make a nutritious and healthy chocolate spread.
  • Tahini pie and tahini soup.
  • We cook hummus.
  • We make chocolates, orange cake, cocoa cookies, chocolate brownies, coconut truffles, chocolate log, strudel.
  • We make halva, apple pie, and walnut pie.
  • We make smoothies e.g. with vegetable milk, oats, bananas, honey, and cinnamon.
  • We make cereal bars e.g. with oats, chocolate, seeds, and nuts.
  • We add tahini to muesli with milk and cereals.

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