Pop Corn
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Popcorn is a popular and favorite snack option for TV and movies. We have all tasted hot, crunchy, salty, white cornflakes, watching a movie at home or in the cinema, with friends. They are made easily, in record time and if you are satisfied with their classic recipe, all they need is a little salt and a little oil.

To give them a different flavor, sprinkle them with melted chocolate couverture, or caramel syrup or honey or sprinkle with salt-flavored dried herbs or sprinkle with garlic and rosemary powder. Add brown sugar and cinnamon powder. Use them in cereal bars and cupcakes or make combinations with nuts such as almonds and raisins and enjoy a different, original breakfast for work and school. Try them with grated Parmesan and dried powdered Mediterranean herbs. If you like spicy flavors, sprinkle them with a little cayenne pepper.

How to make pop corn

Turn on the stove at the highest temperature. In a saucepan pour olive oil until the bottom is covered. Then pour a handful of corn in the pot and immediately cover it with its lid. In half a minute we will hear them crack and immediately take them off the fire. Salt and serve Instead of olive oil, we can add coconut oil to make them even crispier.

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