Muesli With Cereal And Fruit
Cost per piece 4,14 €

Delicious, crunchy, light, cereal and fruit flakes for breakfast. Prepare a delicious, nutritious meal by pouring into a deep bowl the milk of your choice, the cereal and fruit muesli and enrich it with nuts and seeds. A rich meal that will keep you full for many hours. And most importantly: everyone can easily and quickly prepare it.

Cereals, for many, are synonymous with breakfast or afternoon snack. In addition, they can be used in a variety of other recipes: Use them to make bars, granola, muffins and cookies, mix them with cream cheese, make a dip, add them to yogurt with fruit and honey. Use them as toppings for sweets, pancakes and ice cream.

What does cereal and fruit muesli contain?

Cereal and fruit muesli contains flakes of wheat, barley, rice, corn, corn flakes, dried pieces of pineapple, banana, coconut, raisin, cocoa and sugar.