Dry Yeast Saf Instant
Cost per kilo 11,00 €

Yeast is an odorless powder in the form of white powder, which is used in baking as a raising agent in doughs. A minimal amount of it is enough (10g / 750g of dough) to pour directly into our flour, so that when heated it will double the volume of the dough and will give a uniform and fluffy result to the gastronomic creations that are added.

In which recipes and in what quantity is the yeast used?

Use yeast in recipes for pastries that ask for it to make cakes, pies, cookies, buns, fries, muffins, melomakarona, donuts, breadsticks, bougatses, cupcakes, cookies, apple pies, lemon pies and almost all baked goods.

Use 10g / 750g dough.

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