Choco Cells
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Who doesn't love chocolate, especially when it comes to breakfast? The most delicious way to start your day is to dip chocolate flakes in your milk or yogurt. In us you will find chocolate, delicious, crunchy, light cornflakes for breakfast or afternoon snack.

Prepare a delicious, nutritious meal by pouring into a deep bowl the milk of your choice, the chocho cells and enrich it with nuts, fruits, seeds, tahini or honey. Rich meal with chocolate flavor that will give you energy and vitality and will keep you full for many hours. And most importantly: everyone can easily and quickly prepare it.

In which recipes are choco cells used?

Cereals, for many, are synonymous with breakfast or afternoon snack. But they can also be used in a variety of other recipes: Use chocho chells to make cereal bars, granola, muffins and cookies, Use as toppings in ,cakes, pancakes and ice cream.

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