Chestnut Puree 1kg
Cost per piece 8,90 €

I support the idea that chestnuts are fabulous ingredient for snacking, pastry and cooking as well. Most of us use whole chestnuts, but their puree is great in elevating simple foods and turn them into gourmet and pair just fine with savory and sweet recipes too.

Chestnut puree is mashed chestnuts, has brown color, creamy texture and sweet flavor and is used in sweet desserts like puddings, ice creams, chocolate treats, mouse truffles, pastries, cakes. Chestnuts puree is a great ingredient in order to prepare festive, fancy and stunning meals: Add it in sauces for spaghetti, marinades for meat and chicken, include it in yoghurt or your morning meal with oats, and combine fresh or dried fruits and nuts, make dressing for green salads, include it in soups, pies, marmalades. Spread it on pancakes, crepes and waffles or just in a slice of bread. Enjoy chestnut puree as it is, just by adding a drop of vanilla extract and chocolate drops.