Caramelized Hazelnut With Strawberry Aroma
Cost per kilo 26,00 €

A real tasty temptation, a wonderful combination of exuberant, melted caramel on top of hazelnuts! Delicious, very fresh, crunchy, highly addictive snack that satisfies our craving for sweets all hours of the day, which is hard to resist!

 Accompany your drinks, enjoy them plain, break them in the blender and add them to salads, yogurt dips with honey, or garnish ice cream and rice pudding. Sprinkle with these homemade sweets such as chocolate cakes, millefeuille, tarts, creams and puddings. Pour caramelized hazelnuts with strawberry aroma on top of pancakes and make bars with them or add them to your cereals. Favorite delicacy, fantastic gastronomic delight that can pleasantly surprise in dessert recipes.

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