Buckwheat Flakes
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Buckwheat is the seed of a bush. It has no gluten, has a triangular shape, golden-earth color, crunchy texture, nutty taste and in cooking it is used like rice. Soak it in water and drain it or boil them and we can accompany all the crepes. We can mix it with vegetables, sprinkle with aromatic spices and salts and enjoy a hearty, delicious healthy meal.

Buckwheat is found in the form of seeds, flakes and flour and is used as an alternative to wheat in gluten-free recipes. Use its flour to make all kinds of baked goods, its flakes to make breakfast and its seeds to cook like rice.

In which recipes do we use buckwheat flakes

Use buckwheat flakes at breakfast which will keep you full for many hours and which everyone can easily and quickly make: In a large bowl pour the milk of your choice and enrich it with nuts, fruits, seeds, tahini or honey.

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