Barley Flakes
Cost per kilo 3,00 €

Barley is a grain, which has been used by humans since ancient times in their diet. Barley is a fruit with a chewy texture, golden yellow color and is the raw material for the production of brewing malt. In addition, it is used for the preparation of animal feed, bakery products and mainly nuts. We will find it in whole grain in its original form, that is, in flakes and in the form of flour. Its flour is usually not used whole, but is mixed with other flours to make the classic barley rusks, dako and breadsticks.

Barley is a cereal with endless gastronomic choices in our kitchen and is used as an alternative to wheat in salad recipes, mainly food, pilaf, soups and breakfasts.

How barley flakes are used in recipes

Use the barley and prepare a delicious, nutritious meal by boiling barley and adding nuts, fruits and seeds. A rich meal that will give you energy and vitality and will keep you full for many hours. Sprinkle the crackers, breadsticks and all the baked goods you make at home. Add the barley flakes to the yogurt with honey, cinnamon, raisins, cranberries and fruits of your choice. Make cereal bars with ingredients of your choice e.g. honey, sesame, raisins, almonds, walnuts and dried fruits.

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