Corfu Traditional Spice Mixture
Cost per kilo 18,00 €

Pastitsada is the popular traditional Corfiot food: braised chicken with pasta, but it has nothing to do with the common braised food we all know. The sauce of the food is sweet, thick, with slightly spicy notes, with a "heavy" smell of spices. Pastitsada is accompanied by thick long pasta and contains a lot of honeyed onions. The spice mix for pastitsada, the spetseriko, is the main ingredient of Corfu cuisine; it has a deep tile color and rich texture. It leaves a touch of burning in the aftertaste so that everyone can eat it, even those who do not like spicy foods. The aromas of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg are strong and dominate the mix, but all the spices that make it up are harmoniously mixed together, their quantity is what suits them for cooking pastitsada.

In which recipes is spetseriko used?

Spetseriko is used in the pre-eminent traditional food of Corfu. But it can be well used in braised casserole dishes.

What spetseriko contains

The spetseriko contains sweet paprika, allspice, nutmeg, cumin, clove, cinnamon, parsley, salt. 

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